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The Limitless Crew

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 The Limitless Crew is an episodic, animation project currently in pre-production. It’s an adventure filled with lovable characters, fantastical mystery, and magic yet to be revealed. We follow Robin and her misfit friends- Emmett, Hunter and Nyla. They must learn to get along as they uncover dark secrets saturating the hierarchy, discover long-forgotten magic, and all the while overcoming their pasts and shortcomings. With relatable characters, engaging humor, and riveting action, this is one journey you will want to be a part of.


Emerald Eyes


A celebration of romantic friendship, Emerald Eyes is an ongoing series that highlights love’s discovery. Dating back to it’s initial conception in 2014, these characters were used as practice for different art techniques. Through each illustration though, a story slowly began to form. From moments of grandeur to subtlety, each piece explores all what love has to offer. Watch as these two lovebirds discover more about one another while drawing closer together.